fitness and other timely problems

text written in 2018 and 2021: In finding comparable ideas on how online communication can be described, the term ‚interpassivity‘ was something I discussed with the art historian Michael Lüthy.

The inherent self agressiveness implied in an endeavour of total observation can be created to produce either knowledge or a new idea of how comunication can be distinguised from a rather psychological idea of self-reflection. In a way it is or appears as a rather helpless endeavour if it entails to maintain an own blog or social media profile displaying findings of „yourself watching yourself working out“. Or maybe not?

As for the record, I am speaking about sport or more liquid, as Zygmunt Baumann would say, about fitness and the idea of being fit through keeping oneself fit. And the self here is and of course for the sake of imaginary pleasure should not be similar to the body. I show you an image I found for now.