In Short – Dina Boswank is an artist, writer and academic researcher. She moves through ideas of media art and anthropology with an interest in the accessibility of video and sound installations as a photographic tool. A persistent focus of her is to work into/with sonic feedbacks and the meaning of radio as a tool to handle language as a performative space for secrets (like human dreams conclude to fairy tales far easier than to conspirancy theories). She holds a Diploma (Master) in Media Arts from Hfg/ZKM Karlsruhe (2009).

Currently at work there are projects exploring sound and radio objects attempting the use of an online repository called „Mixed Signals“ for a series on workshops on listening voices. Besides, she works in regular engagements with urban research projects, f.ex. with MATA Architekten or Museum für Utopie und Alltag (Museum of Utopia and Daily Life) in Eisenhüttenstadt. To follow the long-term interest in Indian radio cultures and languages of voicing, she is since 2021 a member of the C3 (Codes, Creativity and Community) programme initiated by BeFantastic Bangalore and Goethe-Institute, seeking to develop further collaborations. In a way one could say, she resumes her Ph.D. research material, collected at Bauhaus University (2012-17) working with the letters of a curious inventor (G.D. Naidu), who loudly attempted to destroy his planned radio factory in Southern India in and around the times of 1948.

Download PDF with further details: CV-02-2024