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Blauer Himmel über Hütte – (New) Kracht Picnics
Picknicks auf dem Platz der Jugend, Soundspuren und Zeichnungen mit Fotos

Dina Boswank, 2023 // entstanden – entstehend im Rahmen von „Auf den Platz fertig los!“, ein Projekt der Kulturland Brandenburg GmbH und des Freundeskreis des Museum Utopie und Alltag e.V., Eisenhüttenstadt // gemeinschaftlich konzipiert mit Miodrag Kuc; und finanziert durch das ZK/U Berlin, Kunstrepublik e.V.

LISTEN to three sound and field recordings from our meetings. They are geolocated and available at spot, at *Platz der Jugend in Eisenhüttenstadt* through the (free and ad-free) App „Echoes“, which is downloadable for Android and iOS. The following link leads to further information. You will find a short text on the ideas, critique and people of the project. Furthermore a list of audio titles to be experienced while being at the location and further tutorials about the „how to“ use the app „Echoes“ – // The audio field recordings are as well available through RADIO APOREE which streams at spot/place as well as through their commonly accessible website –

**thx to all participating people – refugees, children, neigbours, amateurs and professionals – Museum Utopie und Alltag, Kulturland Brandenburg and Martin Maleschka, Z/KU and Miodrag Kuč as well as DRK Eisenhüttenstadt (Björn Wojtschewski, Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung für Geflüchtete in Brandenburg)

Open House for our Open Source Projects coming to Mumbai’s Harkat Studios – Open from Jan 13 through Jan 15, 2023- explore, engage and experience 16 projects of our Codes, Creativity, Communities program Live!

WHAT – collecting voices: online, for music, tonality and insights: COME and READ one of the letters about radio inventions and other feelings ** on here with the image posted below, via your phone and an Email to [email protected] or via Link in Bio – the project’s website with its recordings tools (speakpipe) – happy to hear from you! 😎

**thx to @goethemumbai @harkat.studios @zkmkarlsruhe and a handful of old friends and other enthusiasths 🤩, such as @boddob, @ppdiagramme, and @prayasabhinav

C3 Open House, more information on

Unlearning Fitness: screenshot no. 1, forthcoming artist book, since 2019

central perspective
Throwing Gestures: Central Perspective, sound installation, 2018, Kunstraum Bethanien, Studio 1, more information on