[views of the sound installation within the river bed in San Sperate, Italy // sketch of the installation, exhibited at c.a.r art fair at Zeche Zollverein, Cologne, 2014]

sound installation
San Sperate, Italy

4 Cube Roland Amplifier
4 Mp3-Player
4 looped soundfiles, app. 3:00 min each

supported and hosted by
Paidia Institute, Cologne, Germany 
NoArte, San Sperate, Italy

exhibitions - 
“c.a.r art fair”, Zeche Zollverein, Cologne, 2014

The waterflow of the river Concias in San Sperate is being con- trolled by two shutters, so that the river bed inside the city is an open wide concrete space, yet not designed to be clean and public, but a screen for wall paintings and frank activities. Around noon pupils are using it as a playground on the way back home and in the evening the benches at its side are filled with young men showing off.

Next to the main plaza there is a small white pedestrian bridge from which you can easily step down and make a 8-min-walk until you reach the end of the concrete ground and look out to green bushes.

Seeing that movement as a stereotypical staged transition from culture to nature, I wanted to amplify the spatial structures by adding sound or inscribing sound in the material. Sound, which I recorded by placing a directed microphone right next to my feet and walking through the streets, forests and abandoned villages around San Sperate.

The sounds of steps, straight forward ones, crushing ones, slowly ones, reflect on the walls of the concrete river bed and smoothly blend in with surrounding birds, cars, hens, screaming children and planes into a dislocated soundscape. 
Or with a dislocated moment in the well-known location. In any case it triggers curiousity and the urge to find out their origin and their direction.

views of the sound installation within the river bed in San Sperate, Italy]