Info / Bio

Dina Boswank is an artist and researcher. A persistent focus of her work is the research into sonic feedbacks and the meaning of technology as a tool to handle communicational secrets (like human dreams conclude to fairy tales far easier than to conspiracy theories). 

She holds a Diploma in Media Arts from HfG Karlsruhe (2009). Recently she was part of two artistic research projects based at HbK Braunschweig and Bauhaus-University Weimar (2016-19) titled „The entanglement of gesture, media, politics“ and „Imaginary Fitness“, which concluded with exhibitions and publications. She frequently works with Museum Utopie und Alltag / Utopia and the Everyday in Eisenhüttenstadt to maintain and contextualize the archive as well as to develop cultural mediation projects. Since 2024 she is also teaching an Art Class at a public school in the same context. 

Since 2023 she is a member of the C3 platform (Codes, Creativity and Community) at BeFantastic Bangalore, India, and is looking out for collaborations to activate and assemble research material working with the letters of a failed inventor (G.D. Naidu), who destroyed his radio factory in Southern India in 1948. This main long-term project is continously happening since early 2012 and comes to be assembled in video installations, lectures, performances and a theatre play. 

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