on / bharat ki chaap

assisted video and sound Installation

with multiple technical items being arranged as an infrastructural mock-up 
1 Laptop
4 Mini Cameras with Mic
2 7“ LCDs and 1 3,5“ LCD
1 Mini Projector
1 Sound Mixer
2 Exciter Speakers and 1 Active Speaker
1 old grey Speaker and 6 very small Mini Speakers
2 Contact Mics and 2 Condenser Mics
2 small Amplifiers
many RCA, Jack, XLR and power cables
paper, gaffer tape, clips

sound adjustments -
Florian Meyer, Institut für Feinmotorik
supported by
Post Graduate Fellowship Baden-Württemberg
Europäische Gesellschaft für Forschung und Kunst, Berlin
secondhome projects, Berlin

exhibition -
“How to show?”, Europäische Gesellschaft für Forschung und Kunst, secondhome projects, Berlin, 2014
„Bharat ki Chaap“ is a TV serie, screened in Indian Television in 1989, examining the traces science and technology has in Indian culture and society. It‘s a wonderful example for speaking about concepts of science - as something being projected into history and something being aspired for future prosperity. 

The serie is divided into 13 parts and Florian Meyer and me took the last one, the 13th one, and cut image and sound apart.
What does it mean „to take things apart and use your knowledge to make other things you need“? Can it be used to describe to-days media usages in an Indian suburb? 

And, of course, how does it enrich the multidimensional aproach of the film, if we re-enact the images and voice-over with cheap miniature Chinese scrap in the midst of a Berlin art event? 

[videostills & set photography at “How to show?”, European Society for Art&Research, Berlin, 2014]