Spielen / playing

sound installation

20 min
6 speakers, white cable
1 Six-Channel-Soundcard
1 computer
6 paper objects with text

with the voice of Heiner Junghans 
photo credits - Göran Gnaudschun

thanks to -
Kulturministerium Brandenburg and Illusionist e.V. Berlin

Inspired by pen&paper role players and after attending and recording various gaming sessions, which are always happening around a table, I developed sequences of words and pronouciation. These are spoken by an isolated voice in an endless dialogue with herself.

In a wide empty exhibition space six small speakers are placed
in a decent distance. You can go close, stand in-between and
listen to a voice, counting from one to twenty again and again.
The words stay the same, but the pronounciation varies and
opens up different imaginery situations with every new loop - 
and there are twenty of them.

The speakers and the voice is the same as described above, but
now words are shouted, overlaying each other, confusing the
voice itself. Slowly, after some minutes, the words separate from
each other and a space described by adjectives and verbs is rising up in-between the speakers. A specific situation in a very
tiny space is being created and that space is ambivalent, fluid and far too small for six persons - it is constantly changing its form, colour and smell with every word being dealt in-between the six speakers.

[installation views at Schloß Wiepersdorf, 2011 // exhibited as audio piece at “Kuben packen, Kartons lüften”, Galerie satelit, Berlin, Ger, 2012 // photography - credits: Göran Gnaudschun]

[video excerpt / audio excerpt]